Berlin – Germany



On May 13, 1931, the International Olympic Committee announced that the summer Olympic Games of 1936 would take place in Berlin. On the occasion of these summer games, the Olympia Stadium was built from 1934 to 1936. Designed by architect Werner March, the Olympia Stadium was the world’s biggest stadium at the time, with a seating capacity of approximately 100,000. In 2006 the Olympia Stadium was once more the centre of international attention during the World Champion Soccer games. For this occasion it was necessary to renovate the stadium to have it meet the requirements of a modern and multifunctional sports arena, while at the same time preserving its status as a monument.


On the occasion of the World Champion Soccer games in 2006, restoration work was carried out on the natural stone exterior of the stadium. For the restoration the adjusted Jahn M70 Natural Stone Repair Mortar was used.